How Technology Can Support Businesses In Times Of Crisis

Over the last couple of decades, there has been an increase in the risk of natural and man-made disasters. Large-scale disasters are just one kind of crisis that can wreak havoc, both at the individual and enterprise levels. There is compelling evidence of the economic damage caused by extreme natural disasters. There are also other kinds of crises, such […]

Designing The Right Website Navigation

People typically go to a website in search of something. If it’s an e-commerce store, they are looking to buy something; if it’s a blog, they are looking for useful information on a certain topic. The primary goal of any website should be to help visitors find what they’re looking for. The selling part — […]

Predictive Web Analytics In Marketing

Data analysis forms the backbone of modern marketing ecosystems. Every marketing campaign that you run can be analyzed vis-a-vis user behavior, messaging, demographics and so on. While the jury is still out on if data is the new oil, organizations fiercely compete on data analytics to gain a competitive edge. Predictive models of data analysis […]

The Ins And Outs Of A/B Testing

Should You Be Doing A/B Testing? While there’s certainly merit to doing A/B testing for conversion optimization, A/B testing might not be the best option for everyone. Unless you have a website that fetches sizable traffic, you can probably skip A/B testing and look at other methods of conversion optimization. How much traffic is enough? […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Campaigns In 2019

As a marketer, you want to get the most bang for your buck. And in a world as competitive as search marketing, achieving high returns on investment (ROI) consistently can be a dream. Fortunately, companies always seem to be rolling out new features for advertisers to help them reach their audience. For example, Google announced […]

KPIs: What’s Important For Digital?

Choosing The Right KPIs In the digital world, a customer journey can be broadly broken up into four stages: 1. Consideration: This is where the customer is researching available options in the market. At the exploration stage, you need to reach out to customers with engaging content. Key metrics you can measure: Reach: Depending on where your […]

Three Key Areas For Building A Road Map To Digital Maturity And Capability

What Is Digital Transformation? To put it simply, digital transformation is a rethinking of digital strategy that allows businesses to improve their performance, radically. Digital transformation involves a pan-organization view in order to refine business models, identify new ways of doing business, meeting the ever-changing customer expectations, and even identifying new revenue streams. Amazon is […]

UX/UI Trends To Keep On Your Radar In 2019

1. Designing For Foldable Devices Samsung plans to make and ship 1 million foldable smartphones in 2019. Other companies are in the fray, too, with the market volume expected to reach more than 60 million units by 2022. While the first iterations might not create a ripple, it is an opportunity for smaller brands to […]

The Power Of Business Intelligence Tools

The Power Of Business Intelligence Tools Business intelligence tools increasingly come with mobile and cloud compatibility, which allows users to access data insights from anywhere. This on-demand access to data insights can allow businesses to have more mobile teams, which also means a wider talent pool to pick from. In addition to intelligence tools’ increasing […]