A Quick Guide To Getting Better At Audience Segmentation

Three Pillars Of Audience Segmentation The primary task of audience segmentation is to discover clusters in your audience that are unique enough to receive different (personalized) experiences. In my experience, three pillars build the foundation of customer segmentation: Data Data is the heart of any kind of personalization you want to deliver. Data decides when […]

UX Trends Likely To Dominate In The Next Year

But why should businesses care about UX trends? Simply put, if you fall short of delivering a great customer experience, you can quickly fall behind in a hyper-competitive landscape. As a business leader or UX designer, what should you be looking out for in the year ahead? What UX trends are likely to be adopted […]

4 Reasons Why Customer Data Platforms Are Becoming An Essential Tool

Why Enterprises Are Lining Up For Customer Data Platforms CDPs have seen remarkable post-pandemic growth in adoption. The market share for CDPs grew by roughly 22% between 2019 and 2020. There are several factors fueling the popularity of these platforms. Growing Importance Of Customer Experience Customer experience is the new differentiator. Deliver great experience consistently and […]

UX Trends Likely To Dominate In The Next Year

Conversational Chatbots Chatbots have been around for more than a couple of years now. But ChatGPT has taken the game to the next level. The chatbot’s ability to process natural language inputs is unprecedented. Microsoft is already planning on integrating this technology into some of its applications, including its search engine. I expect other big companies will […]

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience: Some Pointers

One bad experience can drive your customers away. According to PwC research, more than 30% of customers are likely to walk away from a brand after just one bad experience. On the other hand, buyers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience. An AWS-sponsored report on customer experience states that 58% of customers believe […]

How To Minimize Bias In User Research

We live in an incredibly complex world. We have different kinds of stimuli and information coming at us from different directions at all times. In order to make sense of it all in quick time and make decision-making more efficient, our brain resorts to shortcuts. These shortcuts lead to cognitive biases. Cognitive bias is the […]

UX Design And Digital Well-Being: An Important Step To Building A Customer-Centric Brand

An increasingly fraught relationship with digital technology is starting to worry many. Brands such as Google have taken the initiative to promote digital well-being practices. They are meant to reinstate a healthy balance between the real and the virtual. What Is Digital Well-Being? As defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), well-being includes digital […]

What Will Drive Customer Engagement In The Post-Pandemic World?

Businesses are navigating an increasingly complex world. Consumers are more aware of their data privacy rights, and the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated behavioral shifts that are here to stay. And in an increasingly internet-first world where information travels fast, any missteps can cause heavy damage to businesses. In this challenging and evolving business environment, it helps […]

The Role Of Customer Experience In Digital Success

€Imagine your internet is down and you need to raise a service request. Compare two scenarios: In scenario A, you dial up the customer care number, go through numerous interactive voice response options and wait for a customer service executive to register your complaint. The entire process takes anywhere between five minutes and an hour, […]

Four Lead Generation Tactics For Your Website

Website lead generation starts with the homepage. After all, your homepage is probably your most visited page. A headline with a strong call to action (CTA) at the very top of the page is a good place to start. Now, “strong” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write something witty or smart. Something as simple […]